Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Update on Trev

Hi Again.

Trev had a good night with his temp finally near normal. His PEEPS came down for the first time from 18 to 16. This is the amount of pressure the ventilator is using to force air into his lungs. The amount of oxygen in the mix came down too. He was on 100%, now he's on 40%, coming down 5% at a time. This is all good. If he keeps this up, which we have been warned against thinking like, as steps forward are usually followed by steps back, they'll be thinking about taking him off the ventilator soon.
Hopefully his digestive system will start up again as it shut down and he's not been on the nasal tube feed since the beginning. I just hope he doesn't see this as a weight loss strategy!

Very much looking forward to tempting his appetite with all things gourmet and nutritious soon.

Learning to try stay on an even level for all those around me. When things are good you just about have to scrape me off the ceiling, when he has a step back it's sweep me off the floor. Not fair on those around me as I take them with me on the giant swings. Having said that, we're all feeling pretty darn good this morning after this mornings good news.




simplelife said...

The news is getting better.
Thanks so much for keeping us updated, I'm pretty sure blogging is quite low on your list of priorities just at the moment.

cheers Kate

Out Back said...

That is excellent news Linda, hope Trev continues on to make a complete recovery.

This must be so hard on you, please take care of yourself and Caleb.


johnR said...

Sounds good but slow going, patience to all and stay positive Linda and all..look forward to better news everyday..much love from all of us..

Darren (Green Change) said...

That's great news. Despite all the doctors' warnings about not getting too carried away, any progress at all is still progress.

Hang in there and focus on the positive.

Anonymous said...

That is great news Linda & Caleb,
there is sun and warmth in the air today which is great for Trevs recovery into the future months along with your wonderful loving strong and sensible personality. All our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

Julie said...

Oh what wonderful news :-) Still have Trev and your family in my thoughts and prayers, wishing for a speedy and full recovery.

Tracy and her crew said...

I am so glad to hear that he is on the mend! I can remember the days when my dh was in hospital on a ventilator. Those oxygen numbers and such meant the world at the time.

It must be very trying time right now, but stay positive. You have many people sending you healing thoughts and best wishes, including me. :)

Stewart said...

This must be hell for you and terribly unfair. It's good to see improvement and I wish you all well.

Anonymous said...

Linda, only just read the news on Trev. I'm thinking of your family at this time and sending you some positive energy (and saying a few prayers too). Love Jayne (bridgit era)

Anonymous said...

Linda, only just read the news on Trev. I'm thinking of your family at this time and sending you some positive energy (and saying a few prayers too). Love Jayne (bridgit era)

dianne- rockhampton said...

YAY.... Im sure you will be finding new jobs/projects for him to do in no time.
sending love,

Shangri La said...

Hope Trev has made some more progress, lots of people from ALS sending their best wishes and prayers too

Anonymous said...

Excellent news Linda, have been sending good thoughts your way. My family have been reading your blog since reading your book a couple of years ago. Wishing Trev a full and fast recovery, keep your spirits up.

Best Wishes,
Kylie and family