Thursday, 2 September 2010

On All things Trevor

Hi All,

Trev remains stable. No real progress forward apart from the new trick he has of coughing up muck and rolling his eyes to the back of his head. His lung x-rays show no improvement. They're going to lower his sedation a bit, but not so much that he wakes. They are hoping that will result in more coughing and more up mucking.

I've had success on the Vitamin C level (please forgive if I've already said this, I can't recall), but the hospital couldn't source it, said it would cost $25,000 - $30,000 to get it through Canberra (and Trev would probably have died of old age by the time it got here). So I made lots of calls/emails and found an Australian supplier in Melbourne. It's expensive, especially when they said it would cost $600 to deliver it by 7pm tonight. So I opted for the $200 to get it there by lunch time tomorrow. Sorry Trev, figured I'd make sure I can afford the next batch instead of pay so dearly for the first).

Just cleared it with the hospital and they will start administering it tomorrow when it gets there. I'm pretty excited about my depleted bank balance. I hope this is the thing that will get things moving for him, and in the right direction. He's been piddling around so long he's getting bed sores and the noradrenalin levels concentrate his blood in his organs and his peripheral circulation is bad and he's getting dark necrotic looking tissue on his feet and heels and lower spine They can't turn him on his side or his oxygen levels plummet dramatically. I'm so glad he's on morphine, even if he does wake up an addict.

We're at home now as we couldn't stay in the motel any longer. We won't see him again till tomorrow morning. But Ehren (Trev's oldest son) is busy chopping wood that a neighbour dropped off to us and I'm checking chooks, ducks, garden, cleaning up and generally making myself busy.

About to start work on a journal for Trev with clippings and cuttings of emails/blog comments/cards etc from all you wonderful people so when he wakes he gets to feel as overwhelmed as we do by all the love and well wishes coming his way.

Thanks to you all for offering it!




Copper Patch said...

I have just found your blog recently. I'm so sorry you and your family are going through such a difficult time. I'm sending lots of healthy thoughts to Trev and I hope the Vitamin C gives him a great big boost.
Take care,

Anne said...

Dear Linda, Caleb and Trevor,
I feel like i have been dipping in and out of your lives for a long time, first in your articles, then the book and now the blog. you have been a great inspiration to me in many ways. Hard to believe that Trev is so ill.If positive thoughts and good wishes help you certainly have mine. Also my admiration for having the courage to continue to write and share what is happening. Hoping that things improve quickly and that good health and resillience pave the way for a good recovery.
Best wishes,

Margo said...

Dear Linda, Caleb and Trevor,

I dropped by today to quickly visit your blog to find out that Trevor is very unwell and in hospital. Hubby and I have followed your journey from QLD to TAS via book and blog and been inspired by all of you to start building our own straw bale house.

It is hard to comprehend that Trevor is so unwell....we are so used to seeing him with flowing hair and taking on the task of housebuilding so capably one straw bale at a time.

My husband and I are strangers to you, as one of the many quiet lurkers hanging out for updates of your gorgeous property and stunning home, but your words and journey are held close to our hearts. Reading about Trevor has stirred me into activity to let you know, as so many others have, that there is alot of positive thoughts and energy being willed your way.

Linda, I am amazed at your courage and strength to keep blogging during this time. Hopefully the Vitamin C will give Trevor the power-boost he needs right now. Look after yourself and Caleb.

Trevor, get well soon and embrace all the good vibes being sent your way to keep you on the path to a full recovery....(which, of course, means getting back to the list of things to do to finish the house!)

Best wishes

Leanne said...

So sorry to hear what you are going through. Have a look at
they have something to assist with Trev's circulation. I am currently using one of their products and having great success.
All the best,

Sharon said...

Glad that Trevor is improving, even if very slowly. Hope the Vitamin C is effective for him.

Take care of yourselves.

Out Back said...

I am pleased to hear there is some improvement with Trev.

Good luck with the Vitamin C.

Best wishes to all,


knutty knitter said...

What they said in spades!

hoping for better news soon,

viv in nz

johnR said...

Hang in there Trev! He should start to rally a bit more over the next coupla days. His stability is good but i think everyone would like to see a bit more progress towards waking everyone is right behind ya mate, stay positive all...

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for keeping your anxious readers abreast of Trev's progress. I can't imagine how terrible this is for you and Caleb, not to mention poor Trev. I hope the Vitamin C works its magic and that he starts to show great improvement soon and that you guys can start to relax a bit as well.

I hope to be reading more about your happy, healthy lifestyle again soon.

Sending good energy and lots of hope and optimism your way!


Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
Have been following you life for a while now, you and Trev have been a great inspiration to me. Shocked to read about Trev, our thoughts and prayers are with you and Caleb. Remember he's a tough bloke on the inside as well as the outside. And I dont think he will go anywhere near departing this earth before he totally finishes that house!
Love and best wishes'

Sylvi said...

Praying for Trevor and for all of you. Praying that very soon he will be back to full health.

dixiebelle said...

Holy crap, as an ICU RN, that does not sound good... but so glad you got the Vit C sorted, and have skipped to the next post, to know some improvement has happened... I have been thinking of you all, and sending healing vibes....

Anonymous said...

Hey Linda! I was just looking you up on the web - intending to come and be re-acquainted as I was hoping for your thoughts and inspirations on a project of mine - and discovered this is not a good time for casual drop ins. I hope the gorgeous Trevor is recovering and will be restored to good health very soon.
Ros Barnett