Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Earthquake New Zealand photos

While Trev was in hospital there was a bit of a tremble in my place of birth, and where my parents live. My mother, who's not long had a heart attack or two and didn't need the extra stress of has been giving me updates on the constant shaky state of things in Christchurch. She's sent through a link of photos of some of the damage. The earthquakes continue...

Earthquake damage

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daharja said...

We sure felt the earthquake down in Dunedin - it woke me up, although my husband would have slept through it even though the whole house was shaking!

No damage here, but after the earthquake there were some pretty fierce storms, which made it even tougher for the Christchurch people. On our property we lost a 60 foot high tree - I'm just glad it wasn't near the house!