Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Mud Bath

Lots has happened around the perimeter of the house. My brother Stu and partner Lynn came over for somewhere around 10-12 days and were treated to abysmal weather of the rainest, muddiest, windiest since we've been here. They gave up when the trailer/tent we had set up for them (assuming kinder weather) blew down. They 'weathered' it well. Lynn did a lot of back work, lying on it creeping around the bottom of the perimeter beams using the pnuematic stapler to put up the mesh to keep the rodents out. Then filling the space between the beams with blue stone. Stu and Trev made waterproof ladders, base boards and window bucks. Me, I went to work and spent 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen, in a warm, dry office. I still managed to feel throughly peeved I couldn't have been doing something, especially in the garden. Stu and Lynn took a day off to rotary hoe, weed, lay sawdust paths and generally make great use of themselves. I figure, if you spend that many days living in a 6 X 3 metre shed with five people and a dog and not get on each others wick, you're doing pretty well!

So we're up to putting bales up. But first we figured we'd get mudding. The mud bath is set up to help soak clay, some of which we ground through heavy mesh to break into smaller bits (and wear the skin on our hands and our patience thin). We're back to getting the boot in. The clay slip will be sprayed onto the walls with an airless piston style sprayer. This will allow for greater adhesion with the next coat of render. We're not sure how much to make, so I'm erring on the side of caution and will go with... lots. The stuff is quite intriguing, and taken with a fast shutter speed becomes even more so. I'll probably get over the mud phase soon enough, but enjoying it so far. Though Caleb has this bizarre desire to want to immerse himself, 'Look mum, some people can do butterflies in the snow... but look at me!'