Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Trev's at home

Not sure I'm totally happy about that. Thought it wonderful at the time, and while he's generally behaving he did manage to fall into the caravan, and this morning, without my knowledge, back out of it. Had to extricate him from under the step and haul him back up. He's peeved there is so much of him to haul up. He's lost 10kg, once he knew the full horror of where he'd been for the fortnight he was keen to discover the weight reduction benefits, and while keen to keep them has been demolishing food ever since. Which is great. Interestingly he constantly thirsts for fruit juices, lemons/oranges, fresh squeezed.

They weren't that keen for him to leave, but having heard bad weather was coming and having been transferred to another ward where he was able to take advantage of the quiet open spaces of 2am. He hauled himself around till he was capable enough of walking (like a tight rope walker, said the physio and encouraged him to walk with his feet further apart, now he walks like he's pooed himself) nevertheless, he's walking. But very weak and breathless.

We had another drama the other day when Val and I leapt into the car to go see Trev, who was finally conscious only to discover that our car, which has only ever needed maintenance, never repairs, needed repairs of the kind requiring tow trucks. Just about pulled out my hair, a neighbour leant us their car, and now other friends have given us a loaner till ours returns. Expecting to pay $1200 for that. Someone remarked that we were clocking up a lot of good luck in the future, but I have to be honest and say we've clocked up a lot in the past, and getting Trev back, while not luck, it had skill involved on behalf of his caregivers, is pretty lucky too.

Last night after our semi-successful attempt to get Trev into bed without mishap, he started hyperventilating and breathing very noisily. Almost convinced myself to take him straight back to hospital. So spent a lot of the night coaxing him onto his side where he breathed easier and listening to see he kept it up.

Trev fully intends to test out his coordination on the keyboard and respond to emails soon. But considering I watched him brush his hair this morning (it exhausted him), it might be some time away yet. I just have to convince him to stay still long enough to recover.


knutty knitter said...

Sounds like he is just about ready for that beer - with a large dose of vitamin c added :)

I expect things will settle down a bit in a day or so - the first day is always the worst!

good luck and lots of imaginary hugs

viv in nz

Em said...

So glad to hear things are looking up (ignoring the car problems of course!)

All my best to Trev.


wombat064 said...

Glad to hear Trev is home, albeit a little early maybe.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Trev, I have masses of food and Vit C - up to a visit tomorrow?
Email or phone me.
ps good to have you back in the valley

Anonymous said...

Trevs naughty. It sounds like he should have stayed in hospital for a few more days. Less stress for you too. Hope the recovery is swift now.

Anonymous said...

It must be a relief to have him nearby, although having a asthmatic son, I know what it's like with the sleepless nights, listening to the breathing - exhausting! Hope he gets much better and stronger soon (and you can get some rest as well).

Denise said...

What a relief to have him home and I am sure he will improve in leaps and bounds with good food and proper sleep and you and Caleb looking after him. With the freezing weather forecast it will be a good excuse to stay inside and rest up for everyone. Hope things keep improving although it is a pain about the car.

daharja said...

Sounds like the prayers and good wishes worked :-)

Busy mum of 3 said...

There's no place like home. But don't let him push himself, or he will risk rebounding, and don't let him sucuumb to "man flu" either, (where they become pathetically dependent, although I'm sure you will want to spoil him for a little while) LOL.
It's great news, our thoughts and prayers must have helped

Gavin said...

Fantastic news Linda. Trev definitely sounds like he is on the mend, albeit slow and steady as he goes... Shame about the car, hope you can find a friendly mechanic.


Anonymous said...

Must be lovely to be back home for all of you. Well all you need now is some nice warm spring weather to really send those bugs on their way and that will help the old bones and body no end along with of course a few medicinal beers and the wonderful care you get from Linda. All the best and remember slowly does it.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Trev is home, Take care, Best wishes from Joy.

Anonymous said...

Such a terrible time for you all and nothing is worse than feeling totally helpless. This will be a memory which stays with Caleb for life. You will all come through this and appreciate every day a little more...and uneventful, boring days will be a joy.
All the best!

dixiebelle said...

Sometimes home is the best place to recover & heal... for the patient, but maybe not so not for those who have to then take on the 'nurse' or 'maid' roles!! It's worth it though. Good luck...