Saturday, 1 December 2007

The Honey Drippers

Extracted the first lot of honey and it was fairly labour intensive. Would love an extractor, but can't justify the cost. However the next extraction, due this week should be better, this time I'll have my technique down pat. The taste of the unfiltered honey is exquisite and with all the local pollen in it I hope it assists with inoculation and my hayfever is 'organically' treated. As the bees have been on apple blossom for some time I like to think it tastes like it. Though I've never chewed on blossoms it has a really light sweet taste that's great in tea, in bread, on bread, on just about anything come to mention it.

Amazingly enough the average Australian hive manages 67kg of honey a year, with commercial beekeepers anywhere from 200kg to 250kg per hive. With 600,000 hives across Australia.