Thursday, 26 June 2008

The book is getting closer!

This is the proposed new book cover - it has to be officially decided upon by Hardie Grant, but once that happens, it should be available again within a couple of weeks

What do you think?

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Book Availability

Still waiting on the book to be reprinted, apparently there were issues with suitability with the cover design that their designer came up with and he was sent back to try again. This has caused delays. Publishing houses work slower than any other industry I've ever known, especially when it comes to responses to emails requesting an approximate date for the books arrival. So for those with the book on back order I can't tell you anything other than eventually it will get here. It's very frustrating. Also, to Julie H, all my emails to you bounce, your filter thinks I'm spam - so sorry for the apparent non-response.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Little Black Rambo

Trev was the first to notice that Louise, one of the Suffolks was looking a little portly and we stood there and tried to figure out which of the two absent rams had done the deed, it was either her son or her nephew, and neither thought was too comfortable. Within a couple of weeks she dropped little Ramses VI (named by Caleb), if it had been a girl he was going to call her Black Betty. No such luck. However, he is as cute as a button at this age and incredibly black.

Nuju spends half his time mucking around with the lamb, who is completely fearless of him. However Nuju has a lot to fear, he is busy playing silly buggars with the lamb and Thelma, the hard headed woman of a sheep, comes in at a gallop and does some serious damage by the yelps of pain that are heard on occasion. Nuju is always seen twisting around to see his rear end to give it a consolatory lick. Caleb is getting lots of exercise running after the lamb and generally failing to catch it. It’s a wily wee thing. However it’s about to have a minor operation of the attitude changing variety in the next week or two. I don’t think we’re in for another round of fence jumping ram just yet.

Trevor, of course, makes noises about eating it … my argument is that in times of starvation you can eat meat to save yourself, but if you have sufficient protein in vegetable form then there is no excuse for carnivorous behaviour. Though I still haven’t kicked white meat – mantra: potatoes, the other white meat.