Thursday, 8 November 2012


I've started a new blog, though it's more the start of a communication, a request for stories and ideas around how it is some people have come to the point where they fail to feel, care or do anything beyond  that which is in their own personal interest.

DILLIGAF - Does it look like I give a Fuck. It's a popular and recognisable acronym for a state of being.  Personally IGAF and I want to investigate how it is others can come to the conclusion not to.

This is an invitation to explore the concept with me

Broad around the bean

There's something satisfying about your vegetables growing up. These broad beans have almost outgrown their grower. First feed already on the table. Wondering if we might have a go at making a flour from this year.

Season for Raspberries

Trev thinks I finally caved in about buying a deep freeze so he could store pigs in it. Really I want to be eating raspberries all year round. Jam is fine, but I'm not into eating toast, so my raspberry intake plummets out of season.

We have 3 rows approximately 15 metres long. It's going to be a lot of raspberries. They're currently flowering and it's frightening being inside as the bees dive bomb the white netting by the thousand. Definitely have my mouth closed when I'm in there.

Trev's been working on repairing the netted enclosure for a while. The raspberries were growing through the sides and we needed to put in extra wires to hold the sides out. Go your hardest blackbirds, I think we've got your number!