Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Direct Link to buy Who Killed Dave?

There's been more than one person who hasn't been able to find the link to purchase Who Killed Dave? I've put that down to my poor webpage design!


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Who Killed Dave? Cheap Copies

I've been contemplating where to put Trev's machinery and tools when we move into the house and realise there are still boxes of Who Killed Dave? taking up room in the shed. It seems self-publishing is the swear word of the literary world. Not that there is much literary about Who Killed Dave? It's goal is to make people giggle. And for those who've read it it appears to have succeeded well in that.

Google Who Killed Dave? for a diverse range of reviews.

Anyway, long story short. They were being sold for $24.95, now half that price $12.50 till Christmas time, free postage, a giggle guaranteed.

It's a good Christmas pressy for a friend, though I'm told that it's not the kind of book you'd give your mum. Having said that I have had a very positive review from an 82 year old. But then, she's contemplating setting up a floating brothel off the Tasmanian Coast...

Who Killed Dave?
100% recycled paper, vegetable inks, carbon offset - Australian sales only.
Amazon sell the e-book version.

The Iron Maiden

Nope, not a pig, goat, sheep or extraordinarily large chook. It's the slow combustion stove. We've cut lots of corners on expense and this time we went hard on the biggest Australian made wood fired stove available. Four ovens and a large fire central fire box. It arrived some time ago, and spent a month or so facing the wall and defying all attempt to photograph it. Now it's installed, hooked up to the hot water tank ready to heat the house, the water and our food. Trev's done a great job of removing timber floor boards and provided extra support for its 380kg weight, along with lots of fire proofing. It turned out that the pipes coming out of the wall meant the flu lined up with a roof batten so he then had to (much swearing) remove part of the roof and create a timber box to allow for the flu to go through. It's now almost ready to fire up. Still have a little plumbing to go and tiling around the outside.

Looking forward to seeing how it heats the house, thermometer all at the ready.

Paddy grown Sea Grass Matting

The ceiling lining had been decided some years back, but when it came time we decided against Solomit Straw panel lining and went for paddy grown sea grass matting. Not a local product, but one that will last through the years, look good, be up to a thorough upside down vacuum, doesn't require glues and is a natural product.

Trev's not so sure about the final look saying the house looks like it's wearing a tweed coat. It's not complete in the images as it still requires beading around the edges to keep the sides from the slight sag they have at the moment. But the final look is well established.

Trev tore a muscle in his side while putting this up and thwarted all (correction: most of) his attempts to complete the job quickly. Doing a self-build does take it out on you physically. I've buggared my shoulders with hauling too much mud around and spend more time than I like to think grimacing and trying to find a position that doesn't hurt. Some days there aren't any. Looking forward to lying in the sun reading books. If only I'd get to the point I can let myself. A very wise doctor once said to me when I told him how stressed I was and I'd come to Tassie for the quiet life 'Yes, well, it's true of life that you take yourself wherever you go'.

I think our next adventure might be an adventure in slowing down.