Sunday, 29 September 2013

Peak Challenge, a Request for Feedback

The last couple of months I've been working on a project to try and tip people who are ambivalent about the state of the environmental onto 'the side of the light'  

It's a 30 minute animation, it covers a quick 4 fact filled minutes about the state of the environment, and a little of what scientists say is to come.

Then it goes into the 12 thought processes people go through to either stay in denial, or to decide it's someone else's responsibility.

It briefly talks about the stages of grief. Because coming to terms with the future of our planet is distressing. Again, we usually stop at the first stage... denial. It's about recognising the process and that it is a process and encourage people not to stop at the first hurdle.

It then goes into the four types of action that are required. Most of us are stuck on just one.

At the end of the movie there'ill be a downloadable list to tick off and see where you are at, plus make plans for what you might like to tackle, and set a date to do it by. An action plan for... well, action.

As well as this, a list of resources, a reference list, and hopefully a list of people who have helped to crowdfund the project.

In two months I've managed to squeeze in time to create 4 minutes of movie. At this rate it will be another year before I complete it. The goal is to use a medium that's accessible, free, people can share (social media), and provides an entertaining take on the issues.

So many people say, 'I want to do something, but I don't know what.' Hopefully this will provide some of the what. I don't know how you feel, but I'm sick of hearing what's wrong, it's time for getting it right.

What I'm after is about 20 people I can road-test the first four minutes on and get some feedback. How easy was it to view technically? (it uses Flashplayer), how it made you feel? if it went too fast, too slow? Aspects of it were difficult to understand... those kinds of things.

If you are up to watching the four minutes and have time to give me some feedback, please email me at THANKS!