Thursday, 22 September 2011

Two Fat Pigs

The two little piggy wiggy's are no longer, in their place we have two fat pigs who have recently been introduced to Trout. The two girls spend a fair bit of time tickling trout. They all lie together, top and toe and bicker aimably enough together. They eat prodigious amounts, have required purposed built, reinforced housing to handle the rigorous self-scratching regime.

They have now ploughed up three areas of land and it means re-fencing the electrics on a regular basis and taking advantage of their ploughing to re-seed the areas they've been in. I've written an article on pigs for the upcoming ABC Organic Gardener Magazine.

Trev is on close terms with the pigs, though he, like me, is very careful not to fall over at feed time! They are incredibly solid animals and single-mindedly hungry.

At this stage Pinky and Browny are both due around Christmas day, can't wait for piglets!