Sunday, 5 September 2010

Trev, Trev, Trevor!

Should have seen the look on the nurses face when she asked to see what I was giving Trev in a little dropper. Told her that the medical profession can't find anything but water and traces of alcohol in homeopathic medicenes, that seemed to allay fears.

Trev went back a bit today. High temp, upped the level of PEEPS and oxygen and bowels still not moving despite two hit men of interns giving him two enemas. They stood at his bedside, 6 foot something, with hands behind there backs and unsmiling faces till I left. If Trev could have seen them it would have given him the shits all on its own. No shit moved however.

He's stirring, not when I told him I loved him, no, only when I told him that he came fourth in the footie tipping competition! Hard to see him go back, even a little bit.

Had a really shit day really. Started when I found Daisy dead. Ehren fed the goats half a bale of hay, Caleb did tell me, but I was distracted with other stuff and didn't realise just how much, and the silly thing did what she always does, guzzled herself till she gave herself bloat. I didn't even realise she was sick I've been too busy washing dogs (Nuju decided to sit in the rain then roll in dirt till he was a black dog), feeding people and answering the telephone. So I didn't even do my goat check when we got home. Looks like a miserable death for her.

We had to bury her Sunday morning. Ehren and Caleb being the grave diggers. Then I fell arse over tit in the mud and hurt my back. Got to the hospital to find Trev has gone, just slightly downhill and they can't find the (expletive deleted) $800 Vitamin C. Will need to jump onto it first thing today. It's probably sitting around somewhere. So much for spending $200 to get it there by Saturday morning. Still trying to convince every doctor and nurse, one at a time, the value of trying it. Yes, it may have no effect,but also nothing detrimental, it may be beneficial. Worth a go.

(wrote the above last night before ringing the hospital)

Trev's bowels (bells) are clanging... moved 'em. Which is great news. Still no improvements elsewhere.

(now morning, rung for the report from the night nurse)

Temp down, but a restless night where he appears to have been stirring and trying to open his eyes. They suspect the ventilator is causing discomfort, which is probably true, but as he has a bad back and it's the worst possible position for him to be lying in, it's probably that too. Can't stand ten minutes in that position and it's now the tenth day.

Gathering all my info on Vitamin C, courier names etc and going in to see if we can sort the C.


simplelife said...

Oh hugs to you Linda.
Sending you caring and strength to help you through this challenging time.

Don't really have anything useful to offer you, just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you.

cheers Kate

arromyf said...

Sorry to hear about Trev :(
Sending you lots of love and Hugs to you and your family xxx

Have you been to BeyondVaccination Forum ? There should be lots of info about Vit C etc, also Hilary is a wealth of knowledge about everything too:)


wombat064 said...

Hugs ,Kisses Rainbows and Bullfrogs for All of you , Hang bin there and have a little faith. Trev is a fighter he will be ok.

Love and Light

Out Back said...

Pleased to hear there is a little progress with Trev. Hopefully it wont be too long now...

Sorry to hear you are having a hard time of it at the moment.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

What a rollercoaster for you all. I'm so sorry to hear about Daisy. Sending light to everyone there, hope things start to level out very soon.

Best, Bec

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, still sending best thoughts. Linda, you are amazing! Won't be long now and Trev will be home. Love & Light Gianna (ALS)

johnR said...

hang in there Trev ol buddy, its tough but hes gonna get thru it. Sorry to hear bout daisy...everyone will be happy when this one is onj the mend..stay well guys, stay positive..

Busy mum of 3 said...

My thoughts and prayers are still with you all. Keeping praying really hard, meditate on it...never ever give up. Keep onto the medical profession with your alternative practices, at the end of the day traditional medicine doesn't have all the answers, but be nice, especially to the nurses, we always cop it!

Anonymous said...

Linda and Caleb lots of love and hugs, I have not been to your site for ages and was shocked to hear about Trevor, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

A site to visit which may help

There is a video there about the NZ man who was on life support, his family demanded VitC therapy and he recovered. Take care Joy.

Xena said...

sending healing vibes and hope he pulls through well and soon.

rhonda jean said...

Thank god there is some improvement. I'm thinking of you all and send love and hugs.

Bev said...

He's got this far; it may be a long hard slog, but he'll make it. With all of us behind him, he can't not. Hope you get the Vit C sorted. Thoughts are with you & Caleb & Ehren.

dixiebelle said...

Come on Trev, you can do it...

And Linda, how terrible about your goat... but your focus has to be elsewhere at the moment. I hope you are resting and focusing on your own health & Caleb's, when you are not at the hospital... not feeding & caring for visitors?

Hoping to hear more positive steps in the coming days...

Sharon said...

Sending all the positive vibes I can. Hope you can manage to get teh Vit C into him. And well done on giving him the homeopathic drops! Dealing with hospitals is such a pain in the neck, nothing is simple, and the people are often a real pain the neck when it comes to doing something different!

Jan Morrison said...

Sending all love to you, Trevor and Caleb. Keep talking to him as you're doing, Linda. So good.
I'm sorry Daisy suffered, I can't imagine the states you're all in. I will practice today and send tong len to all of you.

han_ysic said...

Hi Linda, Trev, Caleb and Ehren. Thankyou for keeping updating us on how things are, and great to hear of even little improvements. Praying for healing, but also for peace in your hearts who are watching someone you love in pain. And that there will be big and small blessings each day, despite the disappointments.

calamitysue said...

We are thinking of you guys constantly as we go through our day-lots of love and strength to you .
Sue and Anthony.