Friday, 25 July 2008

$10,000 dog?

Nuju and little ramses provided us all a good giggle recently. The little black ram decided to have a go at ramming Nuju, repeatedly, backing up, putting his little head down and charging Nuju. Nuju, of course, just stood there and 'grinned' before leaping away, though not being so quick that he didn't get the occasional smack. Caleb and I raced outside to record it. Caleb was keen to send it in to Australia's Funniest Home Videos, so we did. We heard back in the last couple of days that they'd like to use the clip. Caleb is so excited and calls Nuju the $10,000 dog. If it wins Caleb is going to get the other half of the kayak he's been saving for, and hopefully we'll get a roof over our heads! It would be nice.

Here's a retrospective image of a much smaller Nuju and a much smaller Caleb and the doomed to failure attempt to combine the two of them with gardening.

Inside Daze

It's been a month since my last entry - a good reflection on the weather more than anything else. We've had lots of inside days, a good opportunity for Caleb and Trev to practice guitar - especially Caleb who received an electric guitar for his birthday (not necessarily the most conducive thing to peaceful days inside a small shed). I'm looking forward to hearing more than Smoke on the Water one day.

We've planted more bare root trees and had a go at grafting different types of apple and cherries. Looking forward to finding out the success rate.

We're eating potatoes, pumpkin, yams, carrots,onions, garlic, brocoli, cauliflower, rainbow chard, parsley, coriander, lettuce and our bottled apples and tomatoes (also dried), along with eggs and honey. We still haven't gained a milking goat - Bella has been retired and a new companion has been planned for some time, but one thing or another has disrupted various plans. Hopefully soon.

The house is going slowly at the moment, but we're expecting a big burst forward soon. We're going to employ someone to help with the roofing - it's too much for one person, and with the next step being 24 rafters 200mm X 50mm X 5 metres long it will be good to have someone on the other end of them.

Caleb is enjoying his school gardening project. But I'll let him fill you in on that on his blog sometime soon.

I'm plodding away at a wind break propagating trees and buying them, and trying to make them goat, sheep, rabbit and wallaby proof all the way up the 100 metre fence line. There is a great variety of natives that I want to use as a windbreak, source of nectar for bees and eventually be able to burn inside the stove. Quickly learning that not all pollens are equal.