Friday, 4 April 2008

The Capitulator

On Tuesday night Today Tonight aired a segment on our family. After the previous segement we had vowed 'Never again!', and when Gavin Alder first approached us a year or so ago we were quick to repeat never again, but recently, in view of the ongoing financial issues that a lot of Australians are now facing, and having just pondered how we could inspire more backyard gardens we capitulated.

It wasn't that hard a decision, it was obvious that Gavin is 'a good bloke', and understood where we are coming from, he promised not to use the 'G' word, I thought he meant Gympie, Trev thought it meant Geeveston, but no, it was the 'guru' word. As always, we spent around 8 hours filming to gain just over four minutes of finished product.

The crew did a great job and if missed it you can read the story online here.

Not sure how long the video footage will be available online, but it's currently accessible through Today Tonight, here.

P.S We are currently absolutely swamped with emails from all around Australia, Trev's answered a fair few, I hope to get into the rest over the next week, so if you read this, and haven't yet read a pesonal reply you eventually will (plus will get to my backlog from the last month or so).