Monday, 30 March 2009

With A Little Help From Our Friends

Oh Yeah!

The roof has four shiny black sides. Friends and neighbours (who are also friends) rallied to help Trev with the final piece in the four sided puzzle and Trev drilled in the last roofing screws and donned the ridge caps and it's complete. It's bloody wonderful! After all this time of small advances to make such a leap in a week has been really gratifying. And gratifying to know we have some really good friends out there too. I don't grow peanuts, so I can't pay them in those, but I can always pile in another kilo or two of beans.

Having a roof adds another dimension to the house (pun definately intended) having a roof, it's now a 'space'! It seems strangely bigger, and I can even imagine one day living in the space. Though right now without walls and floors it'd be a bit chilly.

Tomorrow we're off to Hobart, ostensibly for Trev's heart check, but, as usual we will pile in as many other things into the one trip as we can to make each kilometre count. We're off to check out some strawbales in Richmond. Twice the price they were a couple of years ago due to the drought and late rain. Hopefully they are of sufficient quality as we're both a bit worried that they may be completely unavailable soon, and we'd have to twiddle our thumbs for another year. Seeing as I've taken to sitting in the car at night, reading to get away from the dah dah dah dah dah dahhhh da da dadadada ... Simpson's - who I used to like, but Caleb's obsession has ruined for me, this isn't something I'm keen on. 6 metre X 3 metre shed living is not impossible but I can imagine there is a significant statistical rise in the homicide rate after the first couple of years.

Started on a high note and ended on a whinge!

Caleb is a lovely, gentle young man of whom I am truly proud of.

Thanks Tony and Martin!


Sharon said...


Getting the roof up is such a milestone!

We are about to start on our own adventure, similar to you guys - about to move into our shed (once our house is sold) and start building a strawbale house. We are in the hills in Gippsland - victoria.

I share in your excitement!

Aussiemaid said...

We also try and do that squeeze as many things into the trip from Wattle Grove to HObart, tend to come home zonked but so much better than going up several times.

I hope that Trevs check up went well. I am so impressed with your new roof, and research into down pipes, what have you ended up getting?

Friends are amazing people and I have found so many around us that it is a true joy. We live on a no through road and our neighbours are amazing and generous too.

I love living in Tasmania, and cant wait to hear how your banana goes.

Deanna said...

Congratulations !! No doubt after this time you are thrilled to pieces to have the roof on & it looks great too !! A very exciting development.

Naomi said...

Looks fantastic!

It's great to check in and see the changes :)

hughesy said...

Congratulations! The design looks amazing.
All good things come to those who have imagination and work their arses off. Well done.

Mary said...

I just found your blog, and I love you! I will be linking to you on my site! keep it up, you rock!! MBB

ThrtnWmsFam said...

You mentioned Trev's heart checkup - how is Caleb's? He had a slight problem diagnosed during the writing of "living the good life" - just wondering. Vikki