Sunday, 22 March 2009

TV opportunity for Australian Family

Hi All,

As part of Earth Hour Channel Seven's Today Tonight would like to interview a family who have felt inspired by what our family did and have gone on to make changes in their own home. Usually it's half a day of being asked to say the same thing, do the same thing from various angles. The TV show has a national audience - so it adds to your 15 minutes of fame. I was about to start going through emails to try find some unsuspecting person to email and ask - but figure, hey, why not put it out in the ether and see if anyone's interested. They'd like to find someone soon.

Our email address is if you are.

You can spot our last 4.25 minutes here

I think they did a great job and Trev looks cute... whereas I am genetically more suited to radio rather than television :-)


dixiebelle said...

We are not suitable candidates (just moving into our new house today!) but wanted to say that it was great seeing that footage (I don't normally watch those TV shows) and hope to see more like it, as it is very inspirational. It may not show how much hard work you guys have to do to get there, but good to see it shown on 'mainstream TV'.

Will look out for an update of when they'll be doing this one... maybe Julie from Towards Sustainability is your family!!??!!

Linda Cockburn said...

Yep, I reckon you could be right. I was at her blog the other day for the first time ever. Really impressed. I won't be pushy, and wait to see if she responds...

Vixen 307 said...

Wonderful to see you guys in the flesh, makes it all the more real to me so far away in the UK. You are inspirational guys! I am finally becoming self sufficient after having to give up work to look after Hubby who is disabled. We lost 3/4 of our income and the last six months have been very difficult. Now we have turned that corner and have started getting organised. Lots of seeds sprouting and plans in place. And the sun is shining. Wishing you peace and freedom from soceities restraints. hugs from Vix

Linda Cockburn said...

Three families have put their hands up for trial by camera! It's an interesting experience, and as dixiebelle says, it's getting it out there on mainstream TV, it's normalising domestic sustainability to those most likely to be sittin' around watching it on a big screen TV.

Vawz said...

Great job guys! You came over pretty good...not looking THAT old :)
Continuing to inspire! Just installed our pump to transfer water from our tank to garden, washing machine and now I am washing my bio-diesel in rain water - at last! Now I just need to get the pump operating on solar!
Thanks again!

alibum said...

hi linda and everyone else,
we just had our solar array installed this week. Our installer brought us a bottle of his parent's olive oil and a bottle of "eco-gin". We gave him back some parsley, basil, lemongrass, rosemary, chillies and capsicums. The tomatoes are a metre high and beginning to fruit, the zucchinis are getting plump, Lewis is tending his brussels sprouts, we have so many capsicum that everyone will be getting marinated capsicums for their birthday this year!! I love it!!!