Friday, 27 March 2009

Up on the Roof

At least my mood is up about the roof, I'm unlikely to be physically there, something to do with doing this dizzy, weak kneed thing.

So I can't claim any of the fame to the four 10-11 hour days that Trev and a couple of nice blokes and builders, Derrick and Shaun put in. They were on target to finish the lot, but unfortunately a very gusty Thursday put paid to that idea.
Still, with a bit of help from a friend it should be up shortly. Another gusty day today, and scattered showers forecast for tomorrow...

But then we can work in all weather, and issue that became quite big for us this spring when it was constant light drizzle, not enough to wet the ground, just dampen our spirits.

Next thing will be internal wall framing, window and door bucks, strawbales (of which I still can't find any of), then rendering (the slip coat Trev will help me with) and then he will get on with the flooring while I have a render party of one. Oh, forgot that guttering, downpipes etc have to be installed along with a rainwater tank. The no-PVC rule is coming into effect, which has been a bit of homework, but we've come up with an attractive solution, as in, looks good, doesn't rob the bank and is environmentally... if not friendly, then neutral.

The roof is in 8 levels.

roofing mesh (a safety godsend and means the sisalation won't sag inside.
recycled glass batts (2.5R - as batten size permitted this as a max)
second layer of sisalation
corrogated iron

then later on we'll line the inside with solomit - which is a straw lining product.

All up the R value is around 6 - as sisalation has a different R value in summer to winter (higher in summer)

It's been a big step forward. But please don't ask when we'll be in the house. Backs, finances, availability of materials, a week or two of head scratching here and there... no idea.

Just realised my photos are in reverse order, last to first ...


Bev said...

Hey Linda, it's looking great! You must all be really rapt.

Charlene said...

Hello Linda,

We too are building PVC free and have had that look from many tradies of total incomprehension. But a lot of research later and we have had all our plumbing and electrical (including conduits)work to date done PVC free.IT's worth the effort and are happy to pass on contacts. Charlene

Linda Cockburn said...

Yes Please Charlene. Want to post it so we can all see and share?

Linda Cockburn said...


Any chance of that contacts list?
Be most grateful to you if you could slip it to us.