Monday, 23 March 2009

Australia's Greenest Family?

Not a title we'd stand up for and bow. We do OK, we do the best we can, we're always looking for ways to improve, and enjoy the process - but we're not in that category, I'm sure there are many, many families out there doing it better, just not being so vocal about it. Not trying to be humble, it's the truth. So when I bought a copy of this weeks Woman's Day mag I was more than a little disconcerted by the big banner taking up a substantial portion of the page claiming we say we are.

The article is fine, few errors creeping in, but you get that, nothing too major. Eg, I wasn't a youth worker, it kind of reads as though we hand dug our dam (hey, I am not that good) you don't use grass for strawbales, you use straw, and I'm sure my face isn't that fat! (yeah it is, darn it, and I wish I could have any other expression on my dial than that stupid smirk it goes into everytime a camera gets pointed at it).

Apart from those few gripes the article is good, the reporter was lovely, the photographer equally so. But please read this as a disclaimer on our greeness relative to the rest of Australia's greeness, and have a happy day!

We're putting the roof on! About 1/3 of the way there now, tin on the roof, tin on roof! The roof, the roof, the roof is getting higher! (little ditty getting sung around here at the mo).


simple happiness said...

It is good to see that being 'green' is atleast making its way into such a magazine! Roll on more articles of the same nature.... great work!!!

BTW it is great to see you efforts are noted though. I have always wondered why you don't run your own workshops etc. You have so much knowledge and skills to offer us all.

Linda Cockburn said...

Hi Simple Happiness,
We have two good reasons for not (though I do a bit of public speaking and a couple of workshops here and there).
1. We figure that we're living a normal life and it's a basis for launching ourselves into the world and doing things that are interesting to us, and not the basis of life itself. This is a lifestyle not a career.

The second is ... Trev and I are really anti-social, doing the public thing is a real push. But we think it's important to try draw it into mainstream. We like nothing more than pottering around home and laughingly calling each other wanna be hermits.

I'm focussing on other things at the moment, like self-publishing my next book in a way I can live with - sustainably. But the subject matter is not the least bit environmental. The whole thing is a means to an end, otherwise it might be the end of the means. If you know what I mean :-)

Oh... here's the website to promote the book I haven't as yet published, gone for an arts grant low interest loan - hopefully find out whether they'll approve it or not tomorrow.

Happyearth said...

Yeah I also think it's great to see a 'mainstream' magazine publishing these kind of stories, and it's a real credit to you guys for sharing your story - particularly given you don't like the lime light!

Exciting to hear your publishing another book - best of luck with the grant!



celestequest said...

As for your "radio face" - I wish I looked as gentle and pretty! Your lifestyle definitely shows through your visage even if you don't think so, and I know you've had some pretty stressful times with Trev's injuries and various other stressors. You are probably able to cope a lot better due to the strong and healthy foundation you have. You inspire us anyway. I love this blog.