Thursday, 3 January 2008

What goes bonk, bonk, bonk in the dark?

My parents flew from NZ to spend Christmas with us and to explore our wonderful island. I picked them up about half an hour before seeing Trev off to Melbourne, it was all a bit whirlwind. The weather was recalcitrant for the first week with constant showers followed by a reluctantly emerging sun, only to be subsumed only minutes later by yet another 'mizzle'. The first night they stayed my mother (who was staying with dad in a campervan) went for a late night pee on the grass and managed to frighten both herself and a wallaby. The wallaby thumped away and my mother scrambled back into the campervan to ask my bemused father,
'What goes bonk, bonk, bonk?'
His very quick response, 'A randicoot'.

Mum quickly took over the role as chief fire poker, delighting in making scones in the wood fired oven, feeding chooks, picking raspberries and eating all the peas in the garden.

Dad got busy on the house site and could perhaps be termed, chief Trev poker, delighting in making progress on the house, with an additional 4 posts up (including the 2 big ones, and the first 10" X 3" X 3.6m beam up.) This was a marvel of engineering nous. I'll attach a photo depicting the event. Neighbours and Trev's son Ehren all on hand to help with the haul.

Mum and Dad left on the 30th of December and when speaking to mum yesterday (the 3rd of Jan) she asked how much more building had occurred. I treated her to one of those embarrassed silences. We've all been gearing up for Trev's 50th and now getting over it and back to work. It has also been very hot. I was caught swimming (clothes and all) at Roaring Beach during one of the hottest days. I admit this is the first time in 'the drink' at Tassie. And it was good.

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