Friday, 18 January 2008

Feeling Cherry!

Who wouldn't with half a ton of cherries in an apple bin on the back of Trev's ute. Trev's been cherry sorting and 'lifting boxes' (without my approval, *she says making a gutteral noise of disapproval*). He also scored the 500 kilos of 3rd grade cherries at no cost. They're for feeding to the animals, but also for every cherry related recipe we can come up with plus sharing the bounty with neighbours.

I wish I'd had the camera out yesterday when there was a 2, 4, 8, 9 year old clustered round the bin with wonderful arrays of red and purple stains from chin to shin. We need to get rid of as many as we can by Monday, because we can't take the bin off while it's full. Ahhh, Tasmania the home of the brave and the land of the free!


Anonymous said...

can I PLEASE come and live with you.

Mazzajo said...

We found your sorbet recipe really good for cherries, too! Only using a higher proportion of fruit to syrup as our cherries weren't very acidic - you need more fruit for tangy sorbet.

andrea said...

Yum! Love those cherry's. I'm very envious.

Linda, I've bought the January/February issue of Organic Gardender and really want to try out your soap recipe. How many bars will I get from the basic soap mix recipe provided and what will be the approx weight of each bar? Just trying to work out what size mould I will need. Also, any hints on somewhere to source the basic ingredients in Brisbane would be greatly appreciated.

Loved your book and love checking out what you guys are up to!