Thursday, 3 January 2008


Not sure if I have mentioned Ehren often - Ehren is my gorgeous stepson, and Trev's son (of course). He's 24 years old and a tree climber on the Sunshine Coast, though he laughingly calls himself a tree butcher as his job is to clear trees from around power lines. He came down for Christmas and as usual slotted straight into our life and we ended up feeling as though he had to be prised away from us again at the end of his stay. I, in my perpetual and self appointed role as interfering Step mum, convinced him to upload his details onto an online dating site as he's sick of being single. The result of 'not really looking'. He coyly agreed to let me work on it with him one afternoon, and we came up with this rave about him. So if you're single...

Ehren @ RSVP

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