Saturday, 8 February 2014

WWOOFERS - The Icing on the Cake

Renaud, a French Canadian WWOOFER loved whippersnipping. Which was fantastic, a wet spring had resulted in enormous grass growth and I was battling to keep it down. He enjoyed learning how to use the rotary hoe too and helped form garden beds that are forever to be referred to as the 'Reno' beds. He also had a go at fencing, weeding and milking Peg, and wasn't adverse to a good wood chop.

Renaud stayed on and off for somewhere around a month and was able to hold the fort on his own for 3 days allowing us to get away together for the first time in years.

Then we had Lucie and Martin, two French chefs who stayed for 15 days. They helped train climbing tomatoes up strings and thin and transplant veggies. Together we extracted around 40kg of honey, it was a long hard and sticky day. I taught them how to make soap, they taught me how to make great bread. Martin  picked up a still hot loaf and tapped its base saying, 'It should sound like dok, dok, dok, not took, took took.'
It made me want to write a book called 'The sound of Bread.'

But what they really enjoyed was mudding the house, lots of mud. Big long, hard sticky days of it.  Lucie said it was like cake decorating, they did a fantastic job and having them stay was definitely the icing on the cake for us.

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