Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Monkey in our Midst

Ehren is Trev's oldest son. He's 30 now, but henever grew out of climbing trees. Hence he's a professional tree climber in QLD. Who says you can't get to do what you love the most. 

When he's not climbing trees he's jumping out of planes. Normal life is just not exciting enough for some people. It excited me to watch him climb a silver wattle we needed to fall. I took photos while hoping they wouldn't be used in an inquiry into an accident I feared might happen any moment. 

To ensure it didn't fall over a fence he climbed it and chopped out heavy top branches before falling the main trunk.  It will become firewood eventually.

We needed to clear it as we've designated the land it grows on for something exciting. A small commercial crop of apricots.


sofia elise said...

Linda, I emailed you a few months ago. We have moved to the Huon Valley from Maitland in nsw. After much looking we have finally found our block and are now ready to start the building process. You have obviously been through the process and I want your advice. Can you recommend a good drafts person who understands passive solar design in the Huon Valley? We have a basic plan but don't want to get an ok house we want it right the first time. Can you help.

Anne@Made in Paradise said...

Hi Linda - I just read your book Living the Good Life and really enjoyed it. I was trying to contact you via your website to ask permission to put a little excerpt on my blog but your website won't come up for me. Anne

Linda Cockburn said...

Sorry about the delay in response. , Thanks Anne for alerting me that the website was down, my email address changed (hence I haven't been receiving email notifications re comments made on the blog) and nor did I respond to their request for verification of email - so they suspended my account. It's back up again.

And Sofia Elise, the answer is no, I can't. We went with someone local who I wouldn't recommend, and I know of no other local with those skills. Not to say there aren't, I just don't know of them. If anyone else has further info. Please share.