Monday, 26 October 2009

Just another day in plastic paradise - not

I've seen Cryptic Moth Productions movie Addicted to Plastic, it showed bird autopsies where the cause of death was pieces of plastic - take a look at the link of corpses of albatrosses with bottle tops, pen lids, lighters and more in their stomachs. A sad endictment on our disposable lives that others lives are disposable as a result.

Thanks Lynn for sending on the link.


daharja said...

I'm not sure I wanted to see that. In one way, I'm glad I did, though.

I live in Dunedin (NZ - but you knew that), and at the Royal Albatross Colony here they have a similar display.

The more I learn about this sort of thing, the more I am convinced that we simply need a ban on all disposable plastic, end of story.

Yes, that sounds draconian, but what else can we do? If we don't, we're looking at the mass extinction of hundreds (possibly thousands) of species of sea animals, as they choke on our bottle caps, drinking straws and cigarette lighters.

joan carr said...

Linda I read your book a couple of years ago and sent copies to my daughter in Boston and one to a friend on Vancouver Island - both are dedicated livers of the good life, trying every way they can to save energy and money. We live in tasmania ourselves - seven mile beach - but lived and farmed in Canada for 20 years and follow your blog with great interest. Love the house! All the best.

Fiorraidheach... said...

Hi Linda,

We have never met, but I think we live in the same area (Geeveston)?? Anyway I have just been communicating with a lady in the US talking about plastic bags. What she did in her community was to get together with a number of ladies and they sewed cloth bags, which they give to local stores - for free. She found that they had heaps of cloth and sewing machines donated to them to do this. It really made a difference and they have started making inroads into removing plastic bags (a major offender I think) from mainstream shops. Perhaps something to think about doing locally?

Linda Cockburn said...

Hi Fiorraidheach,

Yep, live in the Geeveston area - hope you've heard about the plastic bag free trial we hope to be running in the next fortnight,it's to go for a month. I've been able to source a supply of 100% recycled PET bottle plastic reusable bags (a mouthful). Most businesses in Geevo want to see the last of them. Should be interesting.

If you would like to get involved with sewing bags - we have a community group meeting here once a month that do patchwork etc, and they'd mentioned it too - we'd love to support something like this - if only in providing the space, teas and coffee.

Let me know!



Oh, and thanks Joan for the vote of confidence, glad you like the blog. Have to get round to posting about the baby bandicoot rescue in the weekend!

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Just read your book, "living the good life" in one day, and had to search to see if you had a blog up. Looks like you followed through with your "threat" to move to taz.

I have yet to find the time to read your back postings, but anxious to find out what happened with Possum, among other things.

So glad you're able to live the kind of life you believe in. So many people don't. We're working towards it.