Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Age of Stupid

Wondering if anyone can help me out here. I purchased a copy of the Age of Stupid a month ago from the UK for a community free screening. It's next week, the DVD hasn't arrived and it now seems they forgot to send it - sending it now, but it's unlikely to arrive in time.

Has anyone got a copy they'd be prepared to lend me? Or better, a place I can buy one in Aus?


Andrew said...

It is avaialble as a Torrent, you could download it and burn a DVD for viewing. As you have already bought the DVD I say fair use.

Linda Cockburn said...

yes, I've been wondering if I should do that - I've not done it before, do you know if the quality is the same as the original?

Jecca said...

I'm in the middle of downloading it, should be finished this afternoon. Happy to burn and send if you like, I'm in Launceston.

Shane said...


Torrent downloads should be suitable for screening at the community centre



Linda Cockburn said...

Thanks all, and I may have to take you up on your offer Jecca. I downloaded one file - 699MB didn't seem like much considering the size of a DVD, but it plays only the audio - so now I need codecs?
It would have been much easier if they'd just posted it! (rest of rant removed).

Alaanja said...

I would be asking them to express post at their expense.

Linda Cockburn said...

Thanks everyone, I managed to download it, install the codecs required, play it and watch it with dismay wondering how it will look on the screen ... and then my wonderful colleague let me know that they'd tracked a copy down via a friend on the mainland ... express posted from there it should be here by Friday. Blood pressure back to normal.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to point out several things to those people who have commented on this post;

1st - It is illegal to download a film (and other types of media) from torrent sites.

2nd - It is illegal to download a film (and other types of media) from torrent sites - by doing this you are depriving the filmmakers from being able to pay the investors and the extremely hard working crew.

3rd - If you want to hold a public screening of "The Age of Stupid" then you should visit where you can pay for a license to screen the film. A DVD will be sent out to you for this purpose (or if you have the DVD already there is an option to use the retail disc and to not have a DVD sent to you).

4th - If you want to hold public screenings of any other film then you should contact the rights holders of those films - especially if they're independent films that a team of people working for minimum wage spent seven years of their life on.

5th - We have checked out the film on the torrent sites and it is Version 1 of the film - not even the finished product. This is what happens when you don't pay for the real thing.

Team Stupid said...

We would really appreciate it if you could post that last comment on your site.

We're just trying to make sure that everyone is being fair, which is why we recommend going to Indie Screenings or at least contacting rights holders.

Best wishes,

Team Stupid

Linda Cockburn said...

Fair comment Team Stupid. I did read the Indie Screenings page, where you paid a nominal amount for a screening so it would be legal to charge people to watch the movie. We're not charging, so it didn't seem to fit into the licensing mode, and to be honest, I thought it would be one of those endless bureacratic nightmares of form work before you received your copy and thought it would be quicker to order the movie.

I did believe I had ordered with sufficient time to receive the DVD, but it seems that Team Stupid are having a hard time catching up with orders, as I've had others tell me they ordered it months ago and are yet to receive it.

Backed into a corner, you do what you can. For me it was a first and last time download of a movie - a moment of desperation.

Best of luck with the movie, I'm looking forward to watching it.