Saturday, 17 October 2009

Ready to Launch!

Another month has passed and I've been shocking at keeping up with the blog. I have to come back tomorrow and rave on about Lamboghini,the great straw walls, laying first mud,the chook maze, a wind turbine, and I've even been planning to soap box it on US backyards (with more spent on them than the combined gross GDP of 40 of the worlds poorest countries).
But for now, late at night with an essay on what's going on with Tasmania's old growth forests to read, I'm just going to leave tonight's missive at...

Who Killed Dave? my fiction self-publish using green printing methods is about to launch. 15th of November, 2pm at Fullers Bookshop in Hobart, with Peter Boyer doing the honours. If anyone just happens to be in the world's most beautiful rural metropolis on the day - consider yourself invited.

I'm waiting for the shipment of books to arrive, and I'm clearing out the space to house them all. I have 20 of the digital print variety still sitting there. I recently discovered that Consumer Affairs might take an interest in my claim of being carbon neutral - which it may well be, but I can't say so without accreditation, and that costs $3000 - so now I'm saying carbon offset - which is legally the safer option. It's a learning game.

So now I have 20 advance copies of the carbon offset book, which mistakenly says it's carbon neutral - but which is on 100% recycled paper, though not printed with vegetable inks (digital print is toner based). I need the storage space - so selling them off - postage free at $20.00 each if you'd like one. Click here

More info at with excerpts and a couple of reviews. I was tempted to include my mother's. It went someting like this...

It was the sexiest Milly Molly Mandy I've ever read. It gave me nightmares.
Jan Cockburn

Still making me laugh. About 20 years ago I told her that her Catherine Cookson, Barbara Cartland novels were 'Milly Molly Mandy for adults' - obviously that comment has not been forgotten, or forgiven.

But she is right in that the book doesn't have a serious bone in its body - it's about falling into a book, being taken for a ride, one in which the car is full of laughing gas. Kind of Janet Evanovich does suburban Australia.

While the theme isn't serious, the process has been - I'd love to help mainstream publishing go green. Have a quick read of the green stuff page for a brief rundown on the whys and links to green printers and more.


Bec said...

Hi Linda, I was one of the people you sent a copy of the book to. I received it yesterday, and sadly I have finished it already! Although that's a sign that I truly enjoyed it; it was a fantastic read and I couldn't put it down :)
Well done with the publishing too. It's wonderful and I hope more publishers will do the same.

Linda Cockburn said...

Excellent Bec,

Glad you enjoyed it. Already planning the sequel,the title - Snow White and the Seven Whores. Probably won't be able to keep it -but would like to!

Had an email yesterday from someone to say they wanted to send me an email after three chapters to say they didn't really care who killed dave, they just wanted to see him dead!

Best wishes


Daniel said...

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Linda Cockburn said...

Hi Daniel,

I don't normally accept posts that are ads, my first exception.

Hi Everyone else,

The launch had to be postponed till 21 November (Sat) 3.30pm as Peter Boyer will be on the mainland talking to politicians about Emissions Trading Schemes.