Wednesday, 29 October 2008

House progress

It's happening - Trev's up on the roof everyday - the big common rafters he's beaten back to 8 remaining out of 37. He has a three rafter a day challenge, so hopefully not to far away before it's nil. They are all 'birds mouth' joints, and Trev enjoys measuring them exactly so that when they go up they fit snuggly, or as I hear him exclaim from the roof line , 'Fit like a finger up a bum!' - not sure where he got that particular expression from.

Then 24 creeper rafters on the roof hips, then its roofing mesh, sisalation, battens, insulation, sisalation and roofing iron. Then, later on down the track Solomit straw panel lining inside the house. All up 8 layers or levels of building - no wonder Trev tends to focus on the undone rather than the completed.

I've been home for the last month, so good to be able to do some of the dogs body work. We had hoped to have the roof completed by Christmas ... still possible, good weather and back providing.


Kirti said...

May conditions prevail that provide you with a Christmas roof.
If I were a Conspiracy Theorist I would consider white flour, dairy and sugar to be one of Their ways of keeping us dull and compliant...... my recent mantra these days is 'Cheese is not my friend'. Thank God for Spelt, Goats and Stevia...

Anonymous said...

How's the budget going.

Linda said...

I think you may be right Kirti, I just wish I was more self-disciplined and not genetically predisposed to being a sugar addict. I have two stevia plants growing at the moment, and two goats (both not in milk) but hopefully a third, who is soon.

To anonymous, the budget isn't far off. We keep receipts and fill in a detailed excel sheet every now and then, I think a 'then' is due. Will give better figures once done. I only work 2.5 days a week and we build on that as well as keep the family going. It would be nice to have all the money outright and go hard, but I think they call that a mortgage :-)


Anonymous said...


Good luck with the project!

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