Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Book Arrives!

Well one of them does anyway - however, this was as a small parcel, the others, in a box, were sent at the same time so I'm anticipating that they will arrive tomorrow, and will be straight back out again the following day to hopefully arrive in the letterboxes of those poor people who ordered it anytime back as far as early April.

Thanks again for the patience of those who've lasted through the last nearly nine months!


The Smart Life said...

Great news Linda :)!

I emailed you a few weeks ago (my apologies if you already received it) but I got a bounce message on one of the addresses on your website so I thought I would comment here too.

I loved Living the Good Life and my husband and I have already started taking steps to live more self-sufficiently; the vege patch is now in and growing happily, we are much more careful with our power useage, and we find interesting ways to make the most of our leftovers and fridge "dregs" :) Unfortunately chooks or a goat have not been allowed as we are renting, but one day hopefully we will have both (and a dog!)

I had a question I was hoping you could help me with if you have time... we will be moving to Tasi from Brisbane sometime in the next 12 months, and as you made the exact same transition yourself not all that long ago I was hoping you could pass along any advice / things-you-wish-you'd-known before yourself and Trev and Caleb made the move from hot Brisbane to chilly (?) Tasi?

Thank you :)!


Anonymous said...

I enquired at a book store the other day on when your book will be available and they checked it out for me and I was told that the book is available now but wont be in stores until February 2009. The lady at the book store ( and I )couldn't understand it. Why the long wait?


Em said...

Hi Linda,

So glad the book is finally there after such a long wait. I recently found a Dymocks gift card from last x-mas and discovered much to my delight when shopping online that they still had your book in stock :D So of course I promptly ordered myself a copy. I am really enjoying it but have been banned from reading in bed at night because my outbursts of laughter shake the bed too much and disturb my other half!!!

Thanks for the laughs and a damn good read :)


Linda said...

Hi Harmony,
The temperature is not as cold as the rest of Tasmanian likes to make out - it's a conspiracy. So please help perpetuate the myth that Tasmanian is a cold and rainy state. Hobart is actually the driest city in Australia. However the equinoxal winds can really get on your nerves (especially while living in a shed). Best advice is to study the Bureau of M very well, as some places on the west coast are permanently wet, inland is peramnently dry, and some places almost meet the criteria for just right. Land and house prices are no longer cheap, and land is selling hand over fist, while houses languish. Um... they do have a saying, which goes. Don't like the weather, wait five minutes. It is very changeable.

Cheers, Linda

Linda said...

Hi Em and Anonymous,

Glad you're getting a giggle out of it. Trev was reading something recently and we had the reverse happening, the bed kept shaking and I'd wake up and look around trying to find out what was going on, it was Trev silent laughing at Murray Whelan's antics in Nice Try.

As to why the book won't be available to Feb 2009 - which is the first I've heard of it, but at a guess book distributors have a lead in time of three to four months. A book has to be in the warehouse for that long prior to the books official release. God knows why. Seeing this is a reprint it shouldn't be the case, however Hardie Grant have changed their book distributor. Not sure, the industry is, erm, difficult :-)

However, if it's any consolation I will have books in stock soon. I had hoped they'd have arrived today, or yesterday for that matter, but no... I can only hope for tomorrow.


The Smart Life said...

Hi Linda, thanks heaps for your advice :)!

BusyWoman said...

I am really looking forward to getting my copy.

Linda said...

Just to draw the last bit of available blood out of the situation... the order was dispatched 11th of November, still isn't here. They spent a couple of days tracking it down. Apparently they've tried to deliver it twice, but couldn't find us. Hopefully they will deliver it to the PO, like I first requested, tomorrow, or sometime before freak'n Christmas!

hughesy said...

Gave you a plug the other day on ABC coast fm

There is a download link of the interview on this page. Well done on the diet. We are on it forever - my partner Geoff is celiac, sugar and dairy intolerant. Seems that most white food is poisonous to him.

Congrats on the reprint.

littlem said...

Loved the book. It was one of a few books that inspired us to start up our little veggie patches.

BusyWoman said...

the book arrived today. I am looking forward to a great holiday re-read.


simple happiness said...

A week ago i purchased your book with the new cover from my local book store.... needless to say i haven't been able to put it down since buying it and have just finished reading it.

A fantastic read!!!

Love keeping up with your blog and hope to hear some updates soon on the progress of the house.

Merry Xmas and a happy New Year!!

BusyWoman said...

really LOVING the book the second time around. I think this time is much more enjoyable because we are so much farther down the sustainability path than we were last time I read it.

We have just driven through the Hunter Valley NSW where I went to school. Farmland I once knew is now huge coal mines. When I read your image of pumping coal into your appliances and having black stains on the wall it really made me realise that WE contribute to that hole in the ground because we constantly request the burning of coal every time we switch on the light switch.
This is a major shift for us as we will seriously need to address our 'coal usage'.
thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

A friend recommended your book to me. I live on the Sunshine Coast and ordered your book on the internet through Booktopia. They got it for me and I received it within 10 days from ordering just before Xmas. It took me awhile to locate where I could get it from as you know the book stores are all deplete, but Booktopia are able to get a supply from somewhere and it was cheaper than the stores too. Thought I'd let you know in case you want to tell your "fans" who are looking to still get your book. I am absolutely loving your book and there are so many things I am telling my husband about. We love gardening and as yet haven't started a vegie patch of our own but are planning one soon. I grew up in Melbourne and just so much miss the "taste" of food if you know what I mean. I try to tell our kids what a tomato used to taste like when I was growing up in the 70's, that carrots taste so sweet and not like poison like they do now from the shops. I miss the taste of home grown fresh vegies and want them to experience the same love of fresh fruit and vegies that we both had. There are so many things we want to try from your book. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us all. All the best on your house building in Tasmania. Hey, on another note, we have a friend who grew up in KaiKoura NZ. Did you know they have zero council rubbish pick up over there. Not sure if you mention it in your book as I am only up to March so far, but everything is recycled over there at drop off points and everything else that can't be recycled is your own responsibility to dispose of so people are so conscious of what they throw out and what they try to reuse. What a great system. Since telling us that we have become so much more conscious of what we throw away and how we try to recycle it ourselves.