Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Smart Burn

Found this in the local hardware store - some of you might have seen it on the New Inventors where it won an award. I'd LOVE to know how it works, as without knowing the science behind things I tend towards the skeptical, especially with such an impact as this has. It's a short metal tube with 'something' inside it that is placed in the firebox of a wood heater, but not near direct flame. It reduces carbon emissions from the chimney. While not an answer to burning unseasoned timber any reduction in emissions has got to be a good thing. So we spent the $45, cleaned out the chimney so it had a clean start and we'll check again in three months to see if there is any reduction in soot. We'll let you know. If you've already trialled this product please let us know how you feel its spiel holds up to reality.


Busy Woman said...

Hi Linda,

I ordered and paid for a copy of your book over four months ago. Have you heard anymore from your publishers or are you still getting the run around ?



Linda said...

Hi Michelle,

The end is in sight, I'm waiting for the books to arrive any day now. I already have everyones addresses on envelopes ready to go - shouldn't be much longer now. Thanks for being patient, it's been a long and embarrassing wait for us, and a frustration to those who paid anywhere up to almost 7 months ago.

As soon as they arrive I'll let everyone know and send them out the very next day!



Kirti said...

hi Linda, it's fantastic that you have started the blog! We have been inspired by your family since reading the article in Earth Garden. Even though we haven't had a copy of the book, we've perused it often and I think it's time we bought our own copy! We are searching for our own plot on which to live the good life! x

Anonymous said...

see the patent at

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United States Patent Application: 0050223634

Anonymous said...

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