Friday, 18 October 2013

Peak Challenge - Now on Youtube!

I'd love to hear feedback! It's a 4 minute intro to a 30 minute animated movie about creating real action, real change, and providing a personalised plan to do just that. The movie is listed with Pozible for crowdfunding till 13 December - any help, small or large gratefully received. If you can help me out and spread the word I'd be much appreciative. Kind regards, Linda Cockburn


Anonymous said...

Linda, I like the first 4 minutes, but don't understand where you want the help. Where can we see the whole movie? I'm happy to link to it on my blog. What finance do you want/need? Where will it be shown? Just Youtube?

The statistics are paralysing. I feel that most people either aren't interested or the whole thing is too big for them to conceive, but we've got to try.

Linda Cockburn said...

Hi Foodnstuff,

The whole movie will be 30mins, but at this point it's just over 4. it took 2 months of burrowing away every spare second to get the 4 mins done. So it's the remaining 26mins I'm asking for help with. If I can skip a uni semester I can work long days and get it completed and out there. The link to a lot of your questions is at the Pozible site.

The statistics are paralysing, but it's exactly that process that is part of the the rest of the movie, the mindtraps we fall into that mean we don't do anything with the understanding and the angst. It's the lack of action that I'm targeting. Providing people with a printable resource they can go through and tick off the things they want to achieve, and a date to achieve them by, and across the four types of action (most of us stick to one).

A good question regarding the where it will be shown. I'm hoping the darn thing will go viral and spread itself. But it may be a vain hope. I don't want to make it a process that requires intensive energy inputs on the level of making CD's or selling anything, but spread through social media at no cost. To be used as a tool to not just motivate (with fear), but an individual plan of action. Any advice on promoting it will be well received!

Cheers, Linda

MatroyshkaMama said...

Hi Linda, I like the clip, and I'm keen to see more, but I am one of the already converted. I'm not sure how to get the message across to the masses. Regarding your movie - it's great, but there's probably too much text for the average bogan. People who are already aware there's a problem will watch it, but it might not engage others. The only ideas I can come up with are not feasible - celebrity endorsement (he's got great abs, he must know what he's talking about!) , or getting group-think leaders to tell the sheep what to think (yeah, I can see Alan Jones liking this...!) How about a catchy jingle with cutie animated creatures 'Dumb ways to Die' style??? Maybe if you get your little crabs to form a conga line and wave their eye stalks? :) Come to think of it, 'dumb ways to die' would be an apt subtitle :) Another idea to help with funding might be to offer printable certificates saying a donation has been made in the receivers name - cash in on the last minute Xmas gift scramble? :)

Linda Cockburn said...

Matroyshka Mama.
Great comment. I love the idea of making it a Christmas gift. I also appreciate the comment regarding how to get the unconverted into it. It's the major difficulty that if we don't overcome it we're not going to win this war. I'm aware the 4mins doesn't do it. Keep trying to think of other ways. Leonardo DiCaprio did it with the 11th Hour movie. (he has great abs?) I can't seem to get anyone to take notice of Peak Challenge. No response from Paul Gilding, Richard Heinberg, Sustainable Man or any of the others. They just ignore emails, and follow up, 'Did you get my email, emails'. It's all a bit deflating. I wasn't expecting trumpet bursts and accolades. Just an acknowledgement would have been nice.

Dumb Ways of Dying... good title. Might use that :-)