Sunday, 13 October 2013

Peak Challenge - Crowd funding Movie - LAUNCHED!

Hi All,

I have just launched my first ever crowd funding project, Peak Challenge. I've been working on it for a couple of months and have got to the stage of going public with what I've got. I'm asking for help to complete the remaining 26 minutes.

I'm asking you to take a look at the project and consider pledging some dollars, or if you're not able to help out financially, and you think the project is worthy, if you could help spread the word and share this with your friends on Facebook or other social media.

Basically the idea is to stop preaching just to the converted about our environmental woes, but to reach out to the people who know it's big, but feel reluctant to get involved, there are so many mind traps to fall into that stop people from being part of the change. The movie will explore these.

Plus it will provide a way to create real change, not just the change your light bulbs and grow your own carrots kind of change. But a personalised action plan for the kinds of change required to make a real difference.

I don't know about you but I've had enough of the woe, time for some action! 

Check out the first four minutes of movie (about 4MB)

Thanks for helping out.



Linda Cockburn said...

Sorry, a techno-glitch.I managed to only upload the first 10 seconds of the movie! If you missed it you can try again!

Anonymous said...

An excellent project and you are right, time to aim some sunshine and hope at the mass of humanity who see it all as "too hard" and studiously ignore it. As penniless student hippies we haven't got cash to spare BUT I can promote your site and project on my FB page.

Linda Cockburn said...

Absolutely! And I understand where you're coming from, being a penniless hippy student myself at the moment. Hence the need for crowdfunding. for the youtube version. Which isn't as crisp or clear as the flash version but is the alternative for people who can't view flash.

I'm about to launch a freebie giveaway for those who help promote the project for me, either today or tomorrow at


Michaelmil ra said...


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