Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tomato harvest

It's the season on the tomato. Autumn is such a lovely time, all the work over the summer results in pumpkins, potatoes, onions being harvested, but in particular we're having a bumper harvest of tomatoes due to the hot summer. This year we've planted the ubiquitous Roma, plus Wonderlight (yellow), Red Climbing Fig, plus this marvellous round orange tomato with great flavour and a forgettable name. Thankfully it's tucked away in a diary somewhere to be resorted to after I finally give up all hope of bludgeoning my synapses for a response.
Apart from eating a lot of tomatoes, every time the oven's lit we dry them in the warming ovens, Trev eats them like lollies. On the stove top we're busy bottling them. Like bottles of summer sunshine

What's your favourite tomato preserving recipe?


Anonymous said...

My tomato harvest is still currently green or coming in in dribs and drabs of Tommy Toes. Nitrogen draw down in new garden beds. :(
I can't wait to break out the Vacola again (it's been busy all summer with peaches, nectarines, apricots and more) for tomatoes. I think I will be buying them in this year, about 60kgs of them!

narf7 said...

AhA! Rabid you are invading Tasmania en masse! We are having a bumper year for the tomatoes but we have had terrible damage from the wallabies and possums this year, methinks its the bushfires and reduced undergrowth and they have invaded us to distraction and ate even our pumpkins. I am over them to be much damage and no matter what we did they managed to invade Poland. I might try polytunnels next year for melons because I love them but after seeing a large pumpkin vine reduced to stalks in a night I won't be making the same mistake that I did this year, next season.