Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Many headed Hydra

all these are from one plant,
 except the baby peeking out the bottom
My three fold fantastics. Nectar for the bees, sunflower seeds for the chooks and goats, and the stalks and leaves for the goats. Did I mention that they also provide a bit of visual pleasure too? Four fold then. These are parked out the front of the house in three or four individual plantings, probably amounting to something like two hundred plants. They're planted out from the south of the block and moving north with subsequent plantings so not to shade out the younger plants.

These are the black oil seed producers, I'd like to grow confectionery seed, but still haven't found a great way to shell them for eating. A little tedious by hand.

This seed was bought from the local rural supplier as animal feed so I don't know it's variety. I've decided to call it Hydra due to a lot of the plants proclivity to grow lots of heads.

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