Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Home made Ice-cream and Raspberries

Thirty kilos of raspberries for the freezer, thirty kilos fresh for waiting mouths. All hail the mighty raspberry! 
Fresh raspberries with homemade ice-cream is yum, but we're now down to just 25 kilos of frozen. Sigh. The 41 degree day shrivelled every last remaining raspberry on the bushes. 

This is the world’s simplest  ice-cream recipe. I used to make a really fiddly version that was never as good as this.
Home Made Ice-cream

300ml of whipped cream
1 can of condensed milk
Four egg whites beaten till stiff
Fold the condensed milk through the whipped cream.
Fold the egg whites thoroughly through the  mix.
Stick it in the freezer and try not to eat it before it’s frozen.
It doesn't have lots of softeners in it, so take it out of the freezer for ten minutes before serving.


MikeS said...

I have to say, it's a lot simpler than my home made gelato.... but I found it interesting you use the egg whites to make your ice cream, while I use the yolks!

I use the yolks to make custard (YES, from scratch!), mix it with unwhipped unthickened cream, fresh milk (from my goat when she was still with us) and add flavour (my fave is chocolate with chilli...), churn it in the ice cream maker, and yummmmmmmm!

Linda Cockburn said...

The one I used to make was from egg yolks too.

I love chocolate and love chilli Mike, but still can't come at a combination of both.

We use the yolks to make mayonnaise, Trev has a great recipe (I should see if I can get him to post it) and I use whole eggs for custard. No need to add colour in a home made custard eh.

MikeS said...

I use the whites to make meringue.... which we eat with the ice cream.

Very naughty, but you only live once...!!

Anonymous said...

Have you made it with home made condensed milk.

Linda Cockburn said...

No, have you? do you know how? and if you do, are you willing to share?