Sunday, 15 April 2012

Treadlightly Festival - Hobart

Next weekend (Sunday 22nd April) there's the Treadlightly Festival on in the Botanical Gardens. Peter Cundall will be guest starring. I'll have a spot at 12.30am talking for half an hour about the 10 myths of Sustainability. I had fun at the Penguin Sustainable Living Festival a month or so ago raving on about the same subject. Thought I'd do a repeat. We're having a stall and we'll be selling Who Killed Dave's and Living the Good Life too. So if you're in the vacinity we might see you there :-)

I've got lots more photos of the house, but just never seem to get to uploading them. Will endeavour to do so soon.

Sold four more wee piggies today, down to only two males, one of whom is already promised. Leaving one little only and lonely to go. Going to miss them.


shelley Knoll-Miller said...

would love to see some more photos-I keep revisiting in anticipation of seeing them!

Linda Cockburn said...

Make that 11.30am

Inner Pickle said...

Linda I just finished reading your book. (And doing a similar blogged short-term experiment!) You rock, lady. Thank you for the inspiration!