Friday, 20 April 2012

I thought I'd take photos today, but it's a dull dark day. Yet to photograph the new 'library' wall in the office area, our bedroom, the walk in robe - no longer called the floordrobe. Plus the spare room, which is the current recipient of junk till we sort things out.

This is the kitchen area, which is far from finished. We're using the kitchen table for a bench, the island bench still needs its sides and the central characters look a bit suspicious. Not sure why, but Trev's dropping mandarin skins on Caleb who's playing foetal silly buggers on the floor.

The light in the house is lovely. On a sunny day we get a big strip of light slashing across the room and as the sun goes in and out behind clouds it looks like a heart beat or the houses ECG. Very much in love with the place. A cold, dark day today, the woodstove crackling away, we're warm and cozy, outside it's still and mist hangs off the top of Mt Tongatabu. Arrrhh. Wouldn't trade it for the world.


shelley Knoll-Miller said...

Oohh Lovely!
Thanks for sharing.

The Teaching Of Thom said...

Geez it's lovely! But what on earth are you going to do with all that space?? Just re-read your other 6 month guys are living your dreams

Daffodil said...

It just looks gorgeous, Linda!

Thanks for sharing. You have inspired me to get out and render another wall of our straw bale house...

Wombat said...

Hi Linda, Trev and Caleb,
Your house looks so beautiful, congrats ... you should be very proud of it.

Linda, thanks for the wonderful books , Living the good life was great... Looking fwd to reading Who killed Dave


Chris said...

I reckon that must be an awesome place to wake up to every day. :)

Some things are worth the wait, even when we don't agree at the time we have to wait for them, LOL.