Sunday, 20 November 2011

No Caleb, sanding has nothing to do with the beach

Caleb's still working hard to pay off a laptop we bought him some time back. It's virtually the only way we can get him off it.

He's recently moved what we dubbed 'Caleb's Mountain' 14 cubic metres of pine bark. It took him a fair while, and the goats didn't mind having a bit of a chew on it either. I think Caleb's ploy was to wait so long they ate it for him.

Trev sanded the floor back with a drum sander but between each coat of water based, low voc polyurthane (yes we compromised) it was lightly hand sanded.

Quotes to get it done professionally were exorbitant, or at least in our eyes, so as usual we (mostly Trev) did it ourselves and it cost just over 10% of the professional price and just over a week to complete.

It's getting so close to the point we start bringing in the small amount of furniture we have (most of it was sold in QLD rather than drag it down) Lucky we're into the minimalist look.

The plumbing is almost complete. Complete enough in the bathroom that we can start tiling with the recycled glass tiles.

The electrician will be back soon to light up the house now the ceiling lining is in and he can. Looking forward to walking through the house at night with the lights on - though we'll turn them off when we leave each room of course :-)

We will have been living in Tasmania for six years come the 1st of December.
It will be five years building in March 2012. Maybe I should write that book, 'Five years of slow building.' *grin*

But we keep coming back to the point that as much as it has been a drag at times it's also been very rewarding and there's always the size of our mortgage to feel good about too.

Next adventure... debt free in three years... what do you say Trev?


Jo said...

It must be the year for it!... My Dad started my parents mud brick home in 1994, he's built it all himself and it's due for completion (or at least the house itself will be completed for living in, the grounds are a different story!) in a few weeks... 17 long years, and he's now 66 years old. A long time coming, but so worth the blood, sweat & tears. I feel for you all, it's nice to see these beautiful dreams becoming a reality. x

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys!
Another book would be great!
You can start taking it easy!x

knutty knitter said...

Has it really been that long?? Sure doesn't seem like it until I look at the boys - correction - up at the boys! (mine are similar in age to Caleb)

Happy moving in :)

viv in nz

Sharon said...

Looks great. We are one year into our house building (a strawbale house too). We only have the frame so far, although we are going to push to get the roof on by the end of the year. Its a long process, and the permits drive me up the wall, so much money wasted renewing permits that are so short - meant for the commercial building that takes just a few months to finish (someone told me its just 16 weeks).

Jan Morrison said...

looks absolutely gorgeous. And yours! You will be debt free soon I'm sure. We need to sell the house we made in order to get there but our kids are older and the last one will soon be gone. I want a TINY house. Tiny.