Monday, 7 November 2011

A great Blog

Stumbled on this great blog.
I recommend reading the list of things Julie and her family have done over the years to increase their sustainability - what a great list.
I'm definitely checking out the link to bamboo toothbrushes!
Towards Sustainability


dixiebelle said...

Unfortunately Julie stopped blogging a while ago, as she was certainly big inspiration for me!

Anna Kassulke said...

Apparently, according to Isabell Shipard, twigs from the neem tree can be used as toothbrushes. In India they chew the ends until they get fuzzy (gum cleaning) and then brush their teeth with it.

Anonymous said...

yeah I was inspired by her and purchased some bamboo tooth brushes every little bit must surely help. I wish Julie would start blogging again she had some wonderful insight and ideas

Jessie said...

We've been using the bamboo toothbrushes here for some time and I love them. I'd never go back to plastic. It's only a little thing, a toothbrush but considering how many we use over a lifetime it's wquite an eco step to change. AND they're cheaper than the plastic ones too and not just in eco terms.