Monday, 10 January 2011

Create a Buzz!

I've signed a few petitions in the past and it seems I get more arrive in my inbox daily. I was moved enough to add the one on South Africa and 'corrective rape' a couple of days ago.

Today I received one no less close to my heart but not humanitarian in this case. This one is about out lawing pesticides and chemicals in the EU and US that may be causing the demise of the bee population. Apart from honey they provide 90% of pollination services. I won't spray on too much about sprays - here's the link to reading more. Only takes 5 seconds to sign and I find it intriguing to watch the names and locations of the signers as they sign. 1 every second.
Online Petition


Zev said...

Outlawing pesticides that contribute to honeybee decline sounds brilliant. Is it feasible? I feel like online petitions don't carry much weight, simply because they ARE so easy.

Anonymous said...

Great idea - I will sign. There are no bees where I live in Singapore either... it is hard to grow veggies here - we hand pollinate with tiny paintbrushes which is very sad and time consuming. Where are the bees I ask..? Nobody knows the answer, but I truly feel it's because of the pesticides they spray freely through the streets to kill the mosquitoes. We need bees! Wake up world!