Monday, 14 June 2010

We love carrots

But these guys love each other more. We couldn't bear to part them, so cooked 'em and ate 'em whole.


Jan Morrison said...

Vegetable love is of the purest kind! Did you feel more warmth and affection for your family members after eating this? ;)

daharja said...

Love the carrots :-)

We get a lot of "walkers" - carrots that have two legs. But I've never seem them like that.


(Augh - not my most creative comment!)

Gavin said...

Now that is true love! I had a couple of parsnips that decided to trip the light fantastic last season. Did the same, cooked them up without peeling and ate them all up.


Denise said...

A lovely picture of the carrots. The house looks beautiful in the photos, warm and organic. It has definitely been "blood, sweat and tears" now after Trev's finger episode. Read a book that I thought you would love - a classic - "Walden" by Thoreau about a guy building his own cabin in the woods and living a frugal life and relating to the nature around him. He realised the more things we own the more they own us and how much we have to work to pay for them and their upkeep. So he simlified in a big way. Amazingly it is written about 1845 but very relevant today.