Monday, 14 June 2010

In the X, Y, Z of things we're in the W's

Walls and windows forever...

Or so it seems. I was just reflecting on the obsolete professions post and how I'd like there to be earth renderers a plenty.

Trev has had to take a break, by necessity, from the window side of the story. He accidently managed to dangle his little finger in the buzzer, which, at 4,800 revolutions and freshly sharpened, removed its fleshy pad but left a nice new angle -which he will no longer dangle (at least not in moving parts). Lots of blood intially, and still changing dressings each day, but it's looking less like raw meat in a butchers shop. My squeamishness is making it hard to type. Change of topic required...

Trev's windows look fabulous, he has 8 out of the 10 of the windows in the walls completed, just the bathroom and our bedroom to go. Still 8 small windows in the celestry (sp?) to go. He's as sick of windows as I am mud.

We've continued to change the render recipe but you'll see one of the images showing up a heck of a lot of cracking. I've decided not to go the way of the bulk coat and just go thin layer of mud over thin layer. No cracking that way. Tedious however. And before you say less clay our experiments show almost 100% sand still cracks. By the time I'm finished I may even be able to say Linda Cockburn M.M & E.R (Mixer of Mud and Earthern Renderer.)but I doubt it.


Miriam said...

Hi Linda, My father is a retired bricklayer and bagged our brick house. We had some problems with cracks in the bagging and dad wet the walls prior to applying the render and 'spritzed' the wall to slow down the drying time.

Your house looks great, I love the gentle curve around the windows.

Great Job!

daharja said...

The house is suddenly - a house! It's amazing the difference since you last posted photos.

Is the nice warm sandy colour going to remain, or are you going to paint over?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful looking house coming together. Like Miriam said, that gentle curve of the window looks stunning. I visited your blog before, so will be happily back tracking :-)
Seeing your house pictures, lets me keep dreaming.