Tuesday, 13 January 2009

There's a blue tongue in the garden eating strawberries!

Normally he's resident in the greenhouse, he has his corner of mulch he likes to burrow into, and apart from flinching when anyone comes in, he tends not to move around a great deal. He (we call him Pointy, opposed to his predecessor, who was Stumpy)wasn't there one day, not thinking too much of it I rounded the corner and there he was munging down on my strawberries, there was a chewed pulpy mess on a number of strawberries on his path to his latest morsel.

We'd been given some bananas, they were past their use by date, so I offered one to Pointy and suggested it was a better alternative to my strawberries. He ate the banana, but he's a regular visitor to the strawberry patch. I'm going to have to learn to be quicker.


Kella B said...

Ah ha! i've been blaming the possums, but we have at least three blue tongues in our yard.... do they eat the chillis too i wonder?

naturewitch said...

Hey Linda

Found yuor blog through Julie's (Towards Sustainability). Couldn't resist the blue-tongue headline.

I've lived with blue-tongues before and you just have to accept they like strawberries for dessert. They'll eat your snails for mains, though. Reckon they must be some type of reptile gourmets! xx

jacker said...

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