Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Drunken women and purple cauliflowers

I love buying vegetable/herb seeds, it's almost an addiction. I try to buy them because they are suited to the area, or hardy, disease resistant etc, but I must admit to a tendancy to buy because of the cool names appended to them. I have been having a ball asking friends, 'Would you like a drunken woman?' lettuce that is. Can't wait to see what Taxi tomatoes look like, or green zebras. Have also been indulging in oddly coloured broccoli and cauliflowers, they're bright purple, Purple Scicilian. Bought through The Lost Seed company, a Tassie woman started it up a few years back, heirloom veggie seeds of remarkable variety www.thelostseed.com.au she sells to all states, even, I note, some to WA.


daharja said...

Hi Linda - That looks sooooo yummy! I wonder if they're available in New Zealand?

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