Sunday, 21 September 2008

Fellow frooglers and freecyclers!

Hi all,

Could you please help me flesh out my list of groups forming with environmental goals which require pledges to do without or do better by recycling stuff etc in their own home/workplace etc.

Here's my beginning list.

Zero Waste
100 mile club

I know there are heaps more I've read about, but dredging them up from my murky memory is proving an issue!




Linda said...

Slow Food Movement
Voluntary Simplicity
I imagine you can even count in Quakers, (those movers and Shakers)
and the Amish.
Is there are group who aim to drop fossil fuel based transport? Or only use public transport?

There was the woman who wore the 'little brown dress' for a year and just accessorised.

Leo Hicks and his year of ethical living.

Though they're not 'movements' as such, they're a part of that grassroots swing towards voluntary decisions to change how we live domestically.

daharja said...

The Riot For Austerity - is another good one. We're trying to get our emissions down to 10% of the US average in 7 different categories, including petrol consumption, waste, water use etc.

Anonymous said...

Another fabulous example of individuals embarking on cutting their waste is a New Zealand couple who share their story about going rubbish free for a year at Maybe some other good links from their site too :-)

Local Councils sometimes run projects where people come on board a project and commit to achieving sustainability goals in their own home - I'm working on a project such a project right now! Details are at if that is of any interest to you.

Good luck!

Adventures in Urban Sustainability

Linda said...

I'm sure there must be a name for it, when you start following links and then the next thing you know it's dark outside and you haven't done something, what was it, oh yeah, respond to some of the comments on the blog. If there isn't a name for it maybe it should be called the link blink.
Daharja thanks for bringing that site to my attention. It's an excellent one and despite the metric conversions required it's a great concept. So pleased to see it's 90%! Some say less is required.

Also, wandered around in lots of interesting circles at the Illawarra site and happyearth. Great stuff! Really inspiring to see Ally. Wish I'd known about the Atherton raspberry, I might not have needed to move to Tassie after all!



Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed wondering around Happy Earth and the Sustainable Illawarra site Linda :-) Your site and 'Crazy mummas' at are my favourite sites to wonder for inspiration - thanks so much for sharing your journey and inspiring us all!

Yeah the atherton raspberries are great esp. because they fruit through the winter! They have a milder taste, more like a strawberry really - all berries are just heaven aren't they!


Adventures in Urban Sustainability

Anonymous said...

I personally would say it starts with yourself.
1 Not buying anything with packageing on it
growing as much as you can or going to farmers markets in your area.
2. Keeping out of supermarkets except for what you cannot buy elsewhere.
3. Looking for Austrlian made products over imported stuff
4. Using what is free for the things you need to do.

Happyearth said...

Great to see this post evolved into an article in the Organic Gardening mag - and thanks for mentioning the Sustainable Illawarra project in there!