Saturday, 6 September 2008

Bruny Island Trip

I recently turned 40 and my birthday present was a trip to Bruny Island for a couple of days, I think we all appreciated being away from small sheds, building sites and computer screens. It's A beautiful spot only accessible by a ferry that takes 10-15 minutes to travel across from Kettering. We found a small house to rent where we could take Nuju with us. It was fantastic. The beaches were so pristine, and the place remarkably undeveloped. No shopping malls! This shot was taken in Adventure Bay, and the other at Allonah. There were lots of beachcombing done for the gorgeous array of shells. I'm still pulling periwinkles out of pockets and cleaning sand out of the car - but well worth it.


Anonymous said...

Linda, you deserve the break and happy birthday for then...

Krista said...

Hi Linda,

A belated happy birthday. My husband and I live in Tassie and have always wanted to go to Bruny but have a dog and find it hard to find true pet friendly accomodation. Are you able to say where you stayed on Bruny?


Linda said...

I can't see that she would mind!


Dogs allowed, Bruny Island, across road from beach & jetty. Fully self contained cottage, sleeps 6, Austar. Winter Rates: $55.per night for 7 nights or more, $80 per night min 2 nights, or $100 per night.

Phone 0428 568 853.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda I also wish you a very bleated happy birthday. We stayed at the cottage in Allonah with our dog, saw it advertised in the classifieds Cygnet. It was wonderful.Where there horses next door. When we stayed there there were two.
I liked the fact that our dog was able to come into the house. It made for a very enjoyable family(our dog is part of it) holiday. saved kennel fees too.