Friday, 22 August 2008

Cover Design Debacle continues

Well, they've come up with a 'winning' cover. And before you say, 'hey, it's not much different from the last one', I know. Must admit that after almost six months of carry on you'd expect something better than this. But, having said that, if it means they hurry up and reprint it I'm happy with whatever they come up (within reason). I came home to another email from a book buyer asking for their money back (who can blame them, but it made me feel physically ill that it has come this far).

The publisher has also decided to rejig the wording, so it will be a different subtitle, and they'll fiddle with the wording on the back cover too. They say this will happen within the next week, and then it will go to print, which usually takes a fortnight before it's back at the warehouse. There are 83 unsold copies coming back from NZ (book miles alert!) so it will be whichever ones turn up first that we'll get a hold of. So for you wonderfully patient people out there who bought the book back in April, the end is in sight! (hopefully).

On a brighter note, the last three weeks of rain, drizzle and sleet appears to have almost cleared and Trev is back out there working hard on the sunroom.


Jayne said...

I bought the book first time around and highly recommend it. It's worth the wait!

Jayne said...

(A different Jayne to the commenter above)
It must be very frustrating when it's all out of your hands and you can't do anything but you get the flak from everyone!
Fingers crossed for you that it's out soon :)

Crazy Mumma said...

Oh dear! How frustrating for you, my sympathy. And sadly I have to say that I find the orange a bit "in your face", I much preferred the old cover or your own design... I too, have my fingers crossed that it all works out ASAP though regardless of the cover.

danielle said...

i'm not sure i understand why the cover needs a whole new design in the first place...? i like this cover, because it DOES resemble the original and the original was awesome.

i'm sorry that you're having to go through all this. those people who are asking for their money back on the don't know what they are missing.

calamitysue said...

I have just read "living the good life"and enjoyed it so much,the humor and honesty of your experiences really touched me and I got some very practical advice about composting loo's etc as well-what more could I ask from a book.Imagine my suprise when I reached the photo pages and there was the couple I had bought the most divine baclava from that very day,and previously bought scrummy soap from and enjoyed a chat about our families mutual love of Maori spuds.So cheers guys,Im glad you are on the Island and Im looking forward to reading your house building adventures.
Cheers from Sue-who is somewhere in a tiny shack in the hills of Lymington.

Busy Woman said...

I am waiting for deilvery of my copy and look forward to the new design. Thanks for keeping us up to date with the journey of your problems with the publishers.
The excitement is building !