Thursday, 20 June 2013


A great article on disgreenimation.

It's one of my pet hates. When greenie puritans make being green a competition. I had a rave about it a while back in my 10 Myths about Sustainability too.  I think it was myth 9.


Jo said...

I think maybe it is not the number, but the mindfulness, and a spirit of generosity, not selfish hoarding, that is significant. Sure you had lots of chargers in your cupboard, but that turned out to be useful when someone needed one - and that was one less new one manufactured and bought. There is a fine line somewhere there..
And kicking and screaming from husband and son - always fun.

Anonymous said...

We all do the best we can. The puritans don't stop to realise that. We stop and weigh up the consequences of our actions and then we take what to us is the best course. It may not be to others but to ourselves it is.
Recently I made a trip to Bunnings, a company that belongs to Wesfarmers whom I do not like to support. I would much rather support small locally owned businesses who don't emply sweatshop labour etc but with 3 children under 5, several different stores located all over town that we would have needed to look up, then drive to or organise postage from, limited time and also limited money (I hate that the big chains have us by the wallets :( ), we did what we had to. Am I happy about my choice? NO! Did I do what we had to in order to continue to set up our green lifestyle and home? YES! If there are any that are going to disgreenimate me for that then they can kiss my butt!
Once again, a great post.