Saturday, 18 May 2013

Are Psychopaths at the top creating narcissistic Policies that destroy our environment?

Phewww! An out there post this morning. I usually steer clear of politics on the blog, but the environment and politics are inextricably linked and voting is one of the most important ways we can have an effect.

I'm reading Jon Ronson's book, The Psychopath Test. It's a great read, at the same time both funny and frightening.

1 in 100 people are psychopaths, this doesn't mean they're necessarily criminals or go around hacking people to death. They're usually able to restrain violent tendencies and use their 'talents' to get themselves into positions of power.

I believe our capitalist structure rewards psychopaths. These are people who are able to make decisions on who loses their job and actively enjoy the process. They're ruthless, and due to their inability to feel empathy, make decisions that increase profits.

All of these qualities lead them to make decisions that do not take into account anything other than profit and as a result the environment suffers. Having read a little of Abbott's plans and seeing him in action...I can't help thinking he may have a higher than average psychopath score.

So, for fun, have a go at evaluating our good friend Abbott. There are items you won't know the answer to, and usually the assessments are used once a person is in the criminal system, and performed by a professional. You could even try to rate your boss, your partner, your best friend and other politicians while you're at it.  If you're really brave (and honest) yourself.

I posted this on Facebook this morning. I think I may rate highly for being a shit stirrer. Lucky it's not one of the ratings.

What score do you get for Abbott?


Chesca Ann said...

At the very least sociopaths. I used to be married to one and I recognise all those attributes and yes, many politicians mirror these. I can't even vote Green anymore,Nick McKim is an affront to any decent human being I have ever met.

Linda Cockburn said...

Apparently sociopaths and psychopaths are the same thing. The word Psychopath just has so much more of a 'stab' to it thanks to Hitchcock, Hollywood and co.

I thought so well of Nick McKim but I really can't see where he is coming from on particularly on education in Tasmania (not supporting year 11-12 in rural areas, hence our deplorable non-level of education) Peter Whish-Wilson and Christine Milne give me hope.