Saturday, 1 December 2012

A call for best community projects and initiatives

Some of you may know I coordinate a community centre, the southern most centre in Australia actually. It's always a challenge and there always seems so much more to do than there is time for. I'm always keen to find new ways to engage the community.

We've run Medieval Mayhem four times and it's now a community owned project and thankfully I don't have to run around in Maid Marion gear every year. We have the Dog House, a community workshop, an alternative energy group (brand spankin' new), hopefully we may get to convert a petrol vehicle to electric and heaps more. has some of what we do listed. To be honest I haven't updated it in many months, since then we've been running the mobile phone apps training, a film project with youth documenting the importance of Year 11 and 12 (high schools don't have Year 11 and 12 in Tassie, which means some of our rural kids are travelling 4 hours a day to attend college in Hobart), and about to launch a horticulture training project.

I'm currently working on writing up 250 great ways to engage with your community. I'm half way there. Anyone have a favourite project, event or idea of something that have done, or have seen that they're happy to share?


Kathryn said...

Our little area just south of Bendigo has started a Facebook group called Mandurang fresh fod co-op. the idea is that we share our knowledge, where the best bargains are in town for all sorts of things and our produce if we have extra. We can sell or give away this via the facebook a group or via the kcal post office for those not on the Internet/Facebook. It has been fun so far, we only started 4 months a go. I have finally met some locals after living here for almost 3 years. My neighbours are all retired and not into growing things!

Anonymous said...

Our local urban harvest produce swap is great...once a month people rock up to share knowledge ideas friendship and their surplus produce seeds cuttings and seedlings ... and recently theyve been running short talks usually how tos. Lots of fun it seems anything to do with food always draws a crowd ... btw just discovered this blog upon googling you ... I read the good life a whjle ago and always read the mentions of a move to tassie as tongue in cheek ... I guess not.