Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Save the Tarkine!

I'm at risk of overloading this site with petitions, but this one is close to home and my heart...

Located in Tasmania, the Tarkine Region is Australia’s largest temperate rainforest and it is in danger of being destroyed due to open-cut mining. This action will not only destroy the ecology of this important section of the world, but it will also endanger the Tasmanian Devil.

The Tarkine Region enjoyed relative safety from mankind’s destruction while under the protection of the emergency national heritage listing, but this listing expired 2 years ago and now mining companies are eager to deplete the area of its rich resources.

Proponents are citing teetering economic conditions as justification for new mining. But the devastation such a move would create will be permanent and detrimental to the planet. The need to protect this rainforest and all of its living creatures and waterways cannot be overstated.

Please tell Environment Minister Tony Burke to save the Tarkine by keeping miners out!


Stacey Taylor said...

I for one don't mind you posting about petitions and bring awareness to issues going on around the world. If it gets the message out to just one other person it’s a great thing.

Jayne P said...

How can an emergency national heritage listing expire? Makes me so angry.